May 2023

Although today there is a pronounced tendency to buy cakes and pastries in large supermarkets, homemade apple cake is actually one with an irresistible taste.Homemade cakes are a complete delight, and in the Druga Kuća restaurant they are prepared from high-quality fresh ingredients.Selected recipeIn our cakes, including this one, the intake of fat and sugar is controlled, without preservatives, salt,

Intimacy, elegance and a unique natural environment with a view of Sarajevo give the unique atmosphere of the location Kruškov Do. In a secluded and intimate area with all-day-long sunshine, with beautiful natural surroundings, a top-quality gastronomic offer, catering services and many more are located near the city, in the Poljine settlement. An unforgettable place for your event!Catering servicesThis exclusive

Do you need a reliable partner for the organization of catering?The catering team of the Druga Kuća restaurant will make sure that your event is flawless and perfectly coordinated! We offer top catering services and prepare gastronomic specialties for your events in any space.Business parties and get-togethers, snacks and cocktails are unthinkable without the finest snacks and premium drinks. You