December 2023

Are you planning to hire a professional catering service? If your answer is yes, there are a few key factors you should consider. Below are some helpful guidelines to help you find the perfect catering partner. What is catering? Catering includes creative preparation and professional serving of delicious dishes and drinks on various occasions, whether it is relaxed gatherings, ceremonial weddings or

In today's world of business, meetings play a key role in making important decisions, cooperation between teams and achieving company goals. Quality business meetings can be a challenge, but with proper planning and a good atmosphere, they can become productive and enjoyable events.Do not neglect this important aspect of organizing your business meetings, because well-designed catering can be the key

Share the joy of iftar with family and friends with a special iftar menu of the Druga Kuća restaurant. The restaurant staff worked hard during the preparations for the upcoming period, making sure there will be a total of 7 main dishes on the menu during the month of Ramadan.Our desire is to offer our guests more than a restaurant.

Although today there is a pronounced tendency to buy cakes and pastries in large supermarkets, homemade apple cake is actually one with an irresistible taste.Homemade cakes are a complete delight, and in the Druga Kuća restaurant they are prepared from high-quality fresh ingredients.Selected recipeIn our cakes, including this one, the intake of fat and sugar is controlled, without preservatives, salt,