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main course

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Chicken fillet
16 KM

in curry sause, rice and broccoli

Salti’n Bocca
17 KM

with smoked beef, gnocchi & vegetables

Chicken fillet
17 KM

in gorgonzola sause with rocket and roasted potatoes

Chicken fillet and vegetables
18 KM

chicken fillet and vegetables, smoked beef and mozzarella

Turkey fillet
24 KM

turkey fillet and mushroom risotto

Veal escalope
24 KM

in lemon sauce with potatoes

Rump steak
28 km

in oyster sauce with grilled tagliatta

“Druga kuca Steak”
43 km

beef steak with fried onion, grilled vegetable, sliced potaotes, salad and two sauces

35 km

in green pepper sauce with gnocchi

Classic steak
37 KM

with butter, grilled vegetables and potatoes

“Druga kuća” lamb
30 KM

choped lamb

“Druga kuća” sausages
16 KM

sausage, fried onion rings, potatoes, salad and sauce. Classic / hot

“Druga kuća salmon”
30 KM

salmon with vegetables

Salmon fillet
33 KM

salmon fillet, shrimps and black gnocchi in a creamy sauce

Homemade falafel
15 km

homemade falafel & baked potaotes with fresh salad and yogurt sauce