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Druga kuca - Lora was created from the desire to offer our friends, fellow citizens, and visitors of Sarajevo much more than just a restaurant. Strategically located outside the city center, Druga kuca represents an extension of the laid-back ambiance and comfort that can only be felt in your own home.

We use only the highest quality ingredients when preparing our food. That makes it special and makes you feel like you are at home.

Druga Kuca

Your house

For the ultimate sense of taste, we prepare food with a lot of love and care

Druga Kuca

Your house

Our service aims to make you feel at home. Druga Kuca is not only a restaurant but also a place you will remember for good service

Druga Kuca

Your house


Our specialties

The central place of the facility belongs to a restaurant where skillful chefs will prepare excellent homemade dishes right before your eyes. Their selection ranges from traditional ones, like our mothers used to make, to delicacies for those adventurous souls who like to taste something new.


from our menu

Traditional style polenta
7 km

with sour cream & smoked cheese

8 km

avocado, tomatoes, pesto sauce, salad mix & feta cheese

Zucchini carpaccio
12 km

with buratin

Veal shank and vegetables
39 km

for two people

“Druga kuca Steak”
35 km

Beef steak with fried onion, grilled vegetable, sliced potaotes, salad and two sauces

Veal escalope
20 km

in lemon sauce with potatoes

Chicken fillet and vegetables
15 km

smoked beef and mozzarella

Black pizza with spinach
14 km

cream sauce, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, gorgonzola, walnuts and parmesan cheese

Caesar chicken sandwich
7,50 km
14 km

with sesame crusted salmon

Apple cake
6,50 KM

with honey, nuts and ice-cream

Date cake
6 km

in light vanilla sauce with cherries

Druga kuca catering
Druga kuca catering 2


Important events require unsurpassed attention to detail in terms of presentation and food offerings. At Druga Kuca, we carefully design our menus and service methods to suit any occasion, be it fine dining, parties, or business functions.

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