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The future of catering: we follow trends, sustainable business and innovations

As we enter the new year, the catering industry welcomes dynamic times full of innovation. With the constant improvement of technology and the increasingly sophisticated tastes of our guests, we follow the future of catering and adapt to new trends in order to remain your first destination for unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

The future of catering: an opportunity for innovation

One of the trends that will shape the catering industry is the sudden rise in popularity of plant-based diets. More and more people are turning to vegetarian and vegan options, encouraged by growing health and environmental awareness. Druga kuća catering is proud to present a variety of vegan options on our menus to satisfy all the wishes of our guests.

Customizable menus: empowering clients

A key element that will characterize the future of catering!

Customizable menus are something we introduced to catering services a long time ago. Our guests like to be in control of their meals, choosing their favorite ingredients and adjusting the portion sizes according to their preferences. This approach allows us to create unique and personalized experiences for each guest.

Sustainable practices: care for the environment and community

In light of the growing care for the environment, sustainable practices are becoming imperative for the catering industry.

As part of our business philosophy, at the restaurant Druga kuća we are committed to preserving the environment and supporting the local community. Reducing waste, using locally grown ingredients and using biodegradable cutlery are just some of the ways we try to reduce our environmental footprint.

Integration of technology: aesthetics that enchant

We try not only to prepare delicious meals, but also to present them in a way that will enchant our guests. Creative table setting, detailed arrangement of dishes and aesthetically appealing presentation of desserts are just some of the ways we strive to create an unforgettable experience for our guests.

The future of catering is exciting and full of opportunities for those willing to innovate. Keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, we create unforgettable experiences for our guests. Adaptable menus, sustainable practices, technological integration and creative food presentation are key elements of our business that differentiate us from others.

Be part of our story and experience a unique experience with catering by Druga kuća.

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