Homemade sausages in the Restaurant Druga Kuća: The only sausages made from fresh meat, first class

Enjoy the excellence of sausages from Restaurant Druga Kuća, which are made from exclusively fresh, first-class beef. Meat for sausages is carefully selected from domestic farming, then handmade by the chef of the Restaurant Druga kuća for further processes of processing and packaging. Our special recipe, kept as a secret, guarantees an authentic taste that will delight you. The Druga Kuća sausages are a symbol of top quality and carefully selected ingredients, as well as gastronomic pleasure.

Variety of offer

Each sausage is enriched with the highest quality natural spices, without flavor enhancers, soya, vegetable fats, or substitute proteins.

Our range of sausages includes:

Mild sausages

They are ideal for those who prefer subtle but rich flavors. Perfect for every meal, they are excellently combined with various side dishes. We are sure that you will enjoy the mild but tasty sausage that goes well with different sauces and side dishes. These sausages offer the perfect balance of spices and meat, providing an ideal choice for those who love delicate yet rich flavors.

Spicy sausages with 3 types of chili peppers

For lovers of intense and spicy flavors, our spicy sausages provide the perfect dose of spice that awakens all the senses. They are ideal for those who enjoy spicy meals and want to feel real fire. With carefully selected spices, our hot sausages bring an explosion of flavor that will satisfy all lovers of spicy food.

Sausages with toasted pistachios and Livno Cheese

A special specialty that combines creamy Livno Cheese and crunchy pistachios, creating a unique gourmet experience. The combination of rich, creamy Livno Cheese and crunchy pistachios gives these sausages a unique and luxurious taste. Perfect for festive occasions or when you want to impress your guests, these sausages are the right choice for gourmets looking for something special.

All our sausages are made without the use of additives, which guarantees a natural taste and a healthier meal.

Order and delivery

We offer you the possibility to enjoy our sausages in the Restaurant, prepared according to your wishes, or to take them fresh with you. Whether you are planning a family lunch, a barbecue with friends or a special celebration, you can order homemade sausages directly from us and enjoy their superb taste in the comfort of your home. Visit us and discover why our sausages are so special!

Why choose our sausages?

Quality of ingredients: We use only the best meat and natural ingredients.

Authentic taste: Our special recipe ensures that each sausage has a rich and authentic taste.


At the Restaurant Druga Kuća, we believe that quality is the key to a perfect meal. Our homemade sausages are proof that the combination of a traditional recipe and the best ingredients brings an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

Try them and see for yourself the unique taste we offer.

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